About Us

The Pasalubong.com was founded in 2012.  The company aims to build and create a global Filipino e-Commerce brand connecting families, with the strong presence of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and Filipino immigrants worldwide. Pasalubong.com provides global Filipino access to best deals in Philippines from different packages, discounted products and services through its 24/7 secured one-stop online store.  

The creation of Pasalubong.com was inspired by the tradition of giving something to their loved ones by someone who returns from a trip.  Pasalubong.com is about making your loved ones feel that they are remembered. The smile, the excitement, the euphoric feeling each delivery brings.  Be it in the form of money or goods, the act of sending something valuable is a way to somehow ease their guilt of choosing to live away from their family in exchange for greener pastures.  With Pasalubong.com, a loved one’s wish list is somehow granted and delivered right in front of their doorstep.



We aspire to be the number one Filipino Global Brand and leading service provider in sending goods, products and value services to Filipino families through our expertise in employing cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art platform, and user-friendly website for convenient, fun and exciting online shopping experience. Our goal is to encourage OFW’S and Global Filipinos to become entrepreneurs by joining our affiliates direct sales team. We strive to help equip our manufacturers and Philippine exporters with affordable business tools to promote their products and services to expand their market globally. Pasalubong.com aims to build a dynamic logistic hub for timely delivery of good and services Philippine wide.



Promote Philippines culture, products and services thru pasalubong help small and mid business launch online and expand globally.

‘’As a one stop shop, Pasalubong.com will be the most economical and fastest store available for Filipinos overseas.

As a dream-come-true online store, Pasalubong.com enrolls affiliates to market, sell and create a new income for life.
As a partner of Philippine manufacturers, wholesalers and traders to move Philippine goods and services as gifts of Global Pinoy’s to their families and friends left back home.
As an exporter’s window, we want to showcase Philippine export-quality products and explore business opportunities in the international markets.’’

Pasalubong.com bridges the miles separating Filipinos worldwide; deleting distance, cutting costs, time and efforts by using our innovative fulfillment and delivery systems.

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