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Participating Merchants / Suppliers Doing Business With Pasalubong.com 
Policies and Procedures / Terms and Conditions:


The following procedures explain the suppliers system for conducting business at Pasalubong.com. The process and requirements for becoming a Pasalubong.com Approved Supplier are also explained. 


The responsibilities for the purchase of products and services at Pasalubong.com are sourcing and procurement. Sourcing is contacting suppliers and procurement is contracting suppliers.


Sourcing is the key to finding an endless stream of suppliers based in the Philippines for Pasalubong.com’s fourteen major product lines and expanding. Sourcing  executes sourcing strategies for quality value products and services that meet or exceed Pasalubong.com requirements. Once sourced-out as a supplier based on established policies and procedures, approval and contracting follows.


The Procurement Team composed of the President, VP Sales/Marketing, VP Business Development or their duly authorized Representative manages the assessment and selection process for all potential suppliers; negotiates contract terms and conditions; reviews, awards and signs contracts for the purchase of products and services; manages the ongoing business relationship with key suppliers.


The Procurement Team or its duly authorized representative is responsible for overseeing the commercial relationships between Pasalubong.com and our suppliers and insuring that all aspects of our relationships are held to the highest ethical and professional standards. The Procurement Team or its duly authorized representative provides leadership through contract negotiation, supplier management and coordiantes with VP-Tech Operations for suppliers conversion to modern e-commerce purchasing technologies, including electronic ordering and invoicing. Future business growth will be with those suppliers who embrace  e-commerce as part of their supplier service strategy.


We also promote small and minority-owned businesses through the Small Business Supplier Program. Pasalubong believes that strengthening and expanding our supplier base with small diverse businesses, represents sound business practice.  Pasalubong.com will actively identify, solicit, and contract with small businesses of all genders and ethnicities that meet the performance requirements of Pasalubong.com  related to cost, quality and timeliness 


Our suppliers contribute significantly to the ongoing success of Pasalubong.com and we in turn actively support our suppliers and help them achieve their objectives while maintaining compliance to all applicable regulations.


Contract and Order Authorization    /     Signature Authorization

The Pasalubong.com Signature Authorization Policy specifically restricts the authority to negotiate and sign contracts for products and services to The Procurement Team. Any employee or staff do not have delegated authority to sign contracts or otherwise make commitments to suppliers for the purchase of products or services.  To be valid, all contracts must be signed by The Procurement Team.  Contracts signed by non-authorized personnel will not be considered valid or enforceable.  Suppliers are expected to confirm all contracts with The Procurement Team prior to execution.


Approved Suppliers


Companies that submit their profiles using the on line Supplier Application process are reviewed and classified by The Procurement Team or its duly authorized representative.


Supplier On Line Application


Pasalubong.com has established an easy to use supplier application to allow potential suppliers to submit an electronic profile on their company, products and services. 

These profiles are routinely reviewed by Pasalubong.com’s Procurement Team to determine if they meet a specific need or are otherwise compatible with Pasalubong.com products and services requirements.  All applications will be responded to within 7 days of receipt. This online Application process is the most efficient means for suppliers to solicit business at Pasalubong.com.  Supplier phone calls, email solicitations and personal sales calls will be directed to the online application process before any business discussions will take place.

After submitting their company´s profile for our consideration, it will be added to a master database of potential suppliers to Pasalubong.com and reviewed within 30 working days by our sourcing staff who will then contact them. The submission of their profile does not automatically grant them approved supplier status with Pasalubong.com.  Pasalubong.com uses this database to find potential new suppliers to meet the expressed needs and wants of our customers. If we are interested in doing business with a supplier company, they will be contacted by The Procurement Team or its duly authorized representative.

All small business and diversity-owned companies are also considered.


Authorized Orders


All online orders must be authorized and issued by Pasalubong.com  prior to the delivery of products or the performance of services.


Unauthorized Orders


The following will not be considered legitimate orders, and invoices associated with them can not be honored:

      1) Invoices that do not reference a valid, authorized Pasalubong.com Purchase Order Numbe

      2) Supplier quotations or contracts signed by an unauthorized Pasalubong.com employee

      3) Verbal orders, orders referencing email or fax correspondence from Pasalubong.com of personnel or other non-authorized documentation.


Purchase Order Terms & Conditions


All orders issued by Pasalubong.com are governed by the standard purchase and order terms and condition. Suppliers accept these PO Terms and Conditions as a prerequisite for doing business with Pasalubong.com.




1. Entire Agreement:


(a) This Purchase Order including any addenda, sets forth the entire agreement relating to the purchased products or services and merges all prior understandings, agreements or documents. Except as provided in paragraph 1(b) below, amendments to any provision must be in a written addendum executed by a duly authorized representative of the party to be bound thereby. Any additional or inconsistent provision proposed by SUPPLIER shall be deemed of no force and effect unless this Purchase Order shall have been amended as provided in preceding sentence. This Purchase Order is binding upon Pasalubong.com only if signed by its duly authorized representative. Pasalubong.com’s failure to enforce any provision shall not waive its right subsequently to enforce such provision.


(b) Pasalubong.com reserves the right, upon written notice, to change at any time any specifications or instructions provided by it. If such changes affect the cost of furnishing the products or services, the price of such items shall be equitably adjusted by mutual agreement. SUPPLIER shall represent claims for adjustment in writing within ten (10) days of receiving Pasalubong.com’s change notice.


2. Non-Assignment: This Purchase Order and the rights or duties arising hereunder may not be assigned, nor may the work contemplated be subcontracted without Pasalubong.com’s prior written consent.


3. (a) Price: Except as provided hereof, each specified price includes all costs and charges to be borne by Pasalubong.com. SUPPLIER represents that the price charged (inclusive of transportation or shipping charges) is the lowest price charged by SUPPLIER to other customers in substantially similar transactions. Any price reductions made subsequent to placement of this Purchase Order, but prior to Pasalubong.com’s acceptance of the delivered items, will be applicable to this Purchase Order.


(b) Packing: Except as provided on the face hereof, SUPPLIER shall pack, mark and prepare all shipments to meet the carrier’s requirements at Pasalubong.com’s expense. All packing and containers shall conform to applicable laws and regulations related to the safety of persons and property. No charges to Pasalubong.com shall be allowed for packing, cartage, unloading, assembling or installation unless specified on the face hereof.


(c) Shipping: Except as otherwise provided on the face hereof, the products or services are purchased F.O.B. shipping point. Items purchased shall be shipped the least expensive way by supplier, unless otherwise instructed by Pasalubong.com. Shipment and delivery shall be made in accordance with the instructions set forth on the face hereof. Absent of such instructions, delivery shall be made within five (5) days of the date of this Purchase Order. SUPPLIER shall declare replacement value on all parcel post shipments and shall take effect transit insurance on all other shipments. SUPPLIER shall be responsible for asserting claims for loss or damage against the carrier(s) involved.


(d) Risk of Loss. Title and risk of loss shall pass from SUPPLIER to Pasalubong.com  upon receipt by Pasalubong.com at Pasalubong.com delivery location designated on the face hereof.


(e) Acceptance and Payment. Acceptance shall be final only after delivery within a reasonable time after the products or services are received at the delivery location designation. Rejected items will be held or returned at SUPPLIER’s risk without a formal replacement order. Pasalubong.com’s inspection shall not relieve SUPPLIER or any responsibility for latent defects or from the warranties herein or in any other document containing warranties in favor of Pasalubong.com.  Payment shall not be due until final acceptance.


4. Cancellation: (a) Time is of the essence. Pasalubong reserves the right to cancel this Purchase Order in whole or in part and to purchase elsewhere and charge SUPPLIER for any increases, costs or expenses, if SUPPLIER fails to make complete delivery as provided herein.

(b) Pasalubong.com may, with or without cause, suspend and/or terminate this Purchase Order (to the extent delivery or performance has not occurred), in whole or in part, effective upon SUPPLIER’s receipt of written notice from Pasalubong.com. Pasalubong.com  may suspend and/or terminate, in whole or in part, this Purchase Order without prior notice to SUPPLIER, effective upon Pasalubong.com ’s discovery (i) that SUPPLIER has breached its warranties under this or any other order of Pasalubong.com  or (ii) that SUPPLIER’s deliveries hereunder do not otherwise conform to the applicable specifications, drawings or instructions provided by Pasalubong.com .


5. Compliance With Law: SUPPLIER warrants that it is in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards relating to the design, manufacture, testing, labeling, sale and transportation of the supplies or items, and provision of the services, purchased hereunder. SUPPLIER warrants that no item or service provided hereunder infringes, separately or in combination with other materials or processes, any intangible rights of others.


6. Indemnification: SUPPLIER shall indemnify and hold Pasalubong.com  harmless against and from any and all loss, cost or expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), except those arising out of the gross negligence of Pasalubong.com , incident to any claim, action or proceeding, including SUPPLIER’s negligence, arising out of the design (to the extent not designed by Pasalubong.com ), manufacture, transportation, installation, delivery, purchase or use by Pasalubong.com  of the products or services purchased hereunder by reason of the failure of such items to conform to the warranties contained herein.


7. Quantity. SUPPLIER may supply only the quantity stated, any trade custom to the contrary notwithstanding without the explicit prior approval of Pasalubong.com . Any excess shall be returnable at SUPPLIER’s expense but Pasalubong.com  shall not be required to return such excess nor shall Pasalubong.com  be liable for the care of any excess or for its value or for any damage resulting to such excess. Pasalubong.com ’s count shall be accepted as correct as to the quantity its customers received.


8. Additional Warranties: SUPPLIER further warrants that:

(a) Immediately prior to sale it had good title to the products or services, free from any lien or encumbrance unless otherwise specified;

(b) The products or services conform to the requirements of this Purchase Order, including any drawings or specifications herein incorporated and any samples furnished by Pasalubong.com  or SUPPLIER.

(c) The products or services are of good and merchantable quality, free from defects (including latent defects) in design, material and workmanship and are fit and suitable for the purposes for which they are intended, provided such purposes are known to SUPPLIER; and

(d) SUPPLIER is an independent contractor.

The warranties provided in this Purchase Order are in addition to all other warranties, expressed or implied, and survive any delivery, inspection, acceptance or payment. All warranties shall run to and be enforceable by Pasalubong.com , its successors, assigns, clients and third parties injured in person or property by any breach thereof. All warranties run from the date of final acceptance by Pasalubong.com .


9. Ownership of Designs, Etc.: SUPPLIER shall not disclose to any other person  technical information furnished by Pasalubong.com . Any technical information or other property furnished to SUPPLIER by Pasalubong.com  shall be returned to Pasalubong.com  upon demand in the same manner as received by SUPPLIER, ordinary wear and tear excepted.


10. Remedies: If any product or service fails to conform to any warranties specified herein or otherwise applicable, SUPPLIER shall, upon Pasalubong.com ’s request (even if


acceptance has been made by Pasalubong.com ) credit, replace or refund to Pasalubong.com any payment already made or, at Pasalubong.com ’s option, repair or replace such item at SUPPLIER’s expense. Pasalubong.com shall have the right to reject a portion of the items purchased and its partial

acceptance of the balance shall not be deemed a waiver of any of the Pasalubong.com’s other rights or claims. These remedies are not intended to be exclusive and are in addition to all other remedies available under law.


11. SUPPLIER agrees that it shall not use Pasalubong.com’s name or licensed trademarks in any of its promotional or marketing efforts without Pasalubong.com’s prior written approval.


12. Orders not fulfilled within 7 days from order date are null and void unless otherwise noted in the body of the Purchase Order.


NOTICES: Any notices given hereunder shall be in writing and addressed as follows:




  • 2343 S.Azusa Ave.
    West Covina CA 91792
Telephone no1: 1888-214-3141
Telephone no2: 909-667-9064
Telephone no2: 909-344-6519




Valero Plaza Condominium
Unit-G2,124 Valero St. Salcedo Village
Makati City 1227

Cellphone no: 0932 867 9888 (Sun)
Cellphone no: 0927 615 8860 (Globe)

  • CEBU

17th Floor i3 Building, IT Park
Apas, Cebu City 6000

Tel. No. 032 239 0381 (Phil)
Cellphone no: 0932 867 9888 (Sun)
Cellphone no: 0927 615 8860 (Globe)

Unit 318 & 320 CebuinIT TBI
3rd Floor Arts and Science Bldg
University of the Philippines
Lahug, Cebu City 6000

Telephone no: 032 231 1081
Email Address





Payment Terms:

Pasalubong.com will accept cash discounted payment terms.

Pasalubong.com standard payment terms are Net 30 Days from the date of the invoice. 


False Claims Policy

Pasalubong.com requires all of its employees and contractors/suppliers to report any known or suspected violations to Pasalubong.com. Any company doing business with Pasalubong.com that knowingly submitting, or causing another to submit false claims  is expected to report this information to Pasalubong.com



All suppliers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of all materials and correspondence with Pasalubong.com regardless of whether or not any actual business is conducted. All such materials are considered confidential and all requests for access to these materials should be declined.


Small Business Supplier Program

The principal mission is to provide equal access to business opportunities at Pasalubong.com for small businesses to aid Pasalubong.com purchasing goals.


Pasalubong.com will develop new, creative and innovative means to utilize small businesses including minority-owned, women-owned, and small business enterprises.

Establish cost-effective relationships that will ensure that Pasalubong.com realizes the benefits of competitive pricing and quality products and services. This contributes to lowering our operational costs   and supports the overall health of the Philippines business community.


Trademark Licensing

Suppliers are not permitted to use Pasalubong.com’s name, trademarks, logos, or images in any marketing or advertising media, including presentations, websites, printed materials or other forms without written permission form Pasalubong.com.


Our Merchants