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Welcome to your Pasalubong.com! “…Making your presence felt despite your absence”

Pasalubong.com is a 24/7 state-of-the-art secured online store designed to cater the needs of our Oversea Filipinos. Pasalubong.com offers a diverse product range, giving our customers a choice what to send to their loved ones they have left behind. As the word “pasalubong” implies, it is a token given to loved ones to let them know that they are remembered while you are away. With Pasalubong.com, each delivery is like a quick return to home by the sender, making their loved ones feel their presence.

Pasalubong.com is the brainchild of Terence Elumba, who is also the president of Elumba technologies, a seasoned network and systems engineer with fifteen years of experience in network engineering, infrastructure design, implementation, and development of e-commerce software and social network systems. His dream to open an online store showcasing products and services of Philippine manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters worldwide coincided with a couple’s dream of opening an online direct sales opportunity to the global Pinoy.

The company was founded in 2011. Inspired with the strong presence of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and Filipino immigrants worldwide, Pasalubong.com provides Filipinos worldwide access to different products and services through its affiliates direct sales program using secured one-stop online store.

To unite Filipino families and global Pinoy communities wherever they may be.
To partner with Philippine manufacturers, wholesalers and traders to market their products and services online powered by a large, focus sales group.
To encourage people to become entrepreneurs by joining our direct sales team.
To become the leading service provider in seding goods to Filipino families by employing cutting-edge technology.
To build a dynamic network hub and technology platforms for Philippine exporters to showcase their products and sell globally.

As a one stop shop, Pasalubong.com will be the most economical and fastest store available to Overseas Filipinos. As a dream come-true online store, Pasalubong.com enrolls affiliates to market, sell and create a new income for life. As a partner Philippine manufacturers, wholesalers and traders to move Philippine goods and services as gifts of Global Pinoys to their families and friends left back home. As an exporters window to showcase Philippine export quality products and explore busineess opportunities in the international markets.

With the technological platform of Pasalubong.com, it aims to connect overseas Filipinos with their families through a dynamic system of delivery of information, goods, services and basic needs that can save them time, money and effort as you can do all of this time in just a click.

Pasalubong.com is committed to help families get connected, find the needs and wants of loved ones, and explore business opportunities for Filipinos around the world. The company’s state of the art resource website is the infrastructure that will connect everyone – customers, suppliers and affiliates.

Pasalubong values its people. The company’s sales force is an integral part of the company’s operations. As such, it is important that a rewarding compensation plan is in place to ensure continued profitability of each member of the team.

Our supplier-partners are committed companies and entrepreneurs. They are well-positioned to gain in market awareness and their products to be internationally sold via the world wide web.

Pasalubong.com bridges the miles separating Filipinos worldwide deleting distance, cutting costs, time and efforts by using our innovative fulfillment and delivery systems.

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  1. Ronelyn says:

    Wow! Pasalubong is the best choice in shopping online.. I recommend you to shop now…

  2. David says:

    This is fantastic! an easy way to send pasalubong to my family in the Phils.!

  3. ronald says:

    Wow!i love to shop here at pasalubong .com b’coz it easy and secure….

  4. emalina says:

    Ohh…its great to shop here to send pasalubong to my love ones in phil.

  5. Glaiza says:

    oh!its so nice to shop here because its easy and fast because it takes only for 2 to 3 days to deliver to our love ones….inside and outside the Philippines…

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